1. A device for driving piles into the ground. The contemporary pile driver consists of a steel frame that supports the undriven pile, perched atop of which is a heavy weight that slides up and down in a track. This weight is raised up and fired down pneumatically. The weight strikes the top of the pile, smacking it down a dozen more inches into the sand or mud.

    This process is neat to watch, but only for a short while as it becomes monotonous. Surprises are few and far between in the pile driving field. It is also noisy.

    Often, in Warner Brothers' cartoons, Tweety would dispatch Sylvester by pile driver. Or rather, Sylvester would do the honors himself, through lack of foresight or situational awareness.

    Consider your surroundings and design for the unexpected!

  2. From the Kama Sutra: "One partner kneels before the other and places their head between the thighs of the other, face down. The second partner reaches over the back of the first, grabbing the kneeler's legs, and lifts them high above their head. The first partner is now inverted, with their back to the second. The second partner then leaps off their feet to land on their well-padded ass, driving the head of the first into the mat. This will hopefully render the first partner unconscious, or at least incapacitated, and vulnerable to any of the several Three-Count Positions." TWAJS

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