commonly given out at gay pride marches, these popsicles are made in the mold of a penis. For some odd reason, they are usually also topped with a dollup of whipped cream and are commonly over a foot and a half long and 2 inches thick. (although personally I think the reason is that some people just aren't that lucky and have to fantasize.)

This node reminds me of my female friend. Freshman year at NJIT I had a meal plan that I had to use up at the school cafeteria by the end of the spring semester. Near the end of the semester I had loads of money left on my meal plan so I would often treat my friends.

One day I went to the cafeteria with my friend. She picked out a rocket popsicle, the kind that is tiered in red, white and blue. We settled down at a table near the middle of the cafeteria. While she was sucking on the popsicle, all these guys started staring at her. She noticed and tried to fix the situation by putting her hand in front of the popsicle, vainly trying to cover it. She ended up throwing out a half-finished rocket pop as we left.

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