It was genius, I waited till he was totally asleep, right, and then I got my camera and I pulled down his pants and I took a picture of his wiener in my mouth!

Eric Cartman

Cartman Sucks was the 155th episode of the popular animated series "South Park". This episode is notable because it is absolutely hilarious, and provides a bit of continuity with a much older episode.

The episode begins with us finding out that Cartman has a new hobby, inviting Butters over to spend the night, waiting until Butters is asleep and then taking various embarrassing pictures of him.

Cartman shows them a series of pictures of Butters, things like him sporting a cat poop mustache, or him with a tampon in his mouth (the "sleeping minstrel"). Butters soon shows up for another sleepover, and Cartman takes another picture, one he thinks will be the best one ever.

It may appear in the picture that I'm actually looking at the camera lens and smiling with the penis in my mouth and giving a thumbs-up, but I assure you, I was fast asleep.

Eric Cartman

Eric thought that taking a picture with his penis in Butter's mouth would mean that Butters was gay. His friends Stan and Kyle however inform him that it actually means that he is gay, but not to worry, because he can reverse the gayness if he can just manage to stick his penis in Butter's mouth.

Armed with this newfound knowledge Eric goes over to Butter's house, blindfolds him and tricks him into, well, you know, but Butter's father (Stephen Stotch), walks into the room at the exact wrong moment. Stephen reacts very poorly to this (likely due to the fact that his own previous homosexual tendencies had a terrible effect on his family when they were discovered), and ships Butters off to a bi-curious camp where he can pray his gay away.

Yes, this is a shot on a 5.6 aperture using a low-light filter, you can see the grain from the high-speed film, there's sort of a penis in my mouth right here, and the low-depth of field keeps the background soft.

Eric Cartman

While Butters is away at Bi-curious camp, Eric runs into a little problem. He can't find the picture. He becomes convinced that Kyle has it, and is going to show it to everyone at school during show and tell. When he is unable to locate the original copy of the picture, and isn't able to get it back from Kyle, he decides to show another copy of the picture to the whole class, just so Kyle can't do it.

Eric goes through a long boring slide show of pictures before finally coming to the last one, right after he shows it to everyone Mr. Mackey bursts into the room with a message from Cartman's mother instructing him not to show the picture, that she found it under his bed.

My name is Butters, I'm 8 years old, I'm blood type O and I'm bi-curious! And even that's okay, because if I'm bi-curious and I'm somehow made from God, then I figure God might be a little bi-curious himself!

Butters Stotch

Meanwhile Butters has gotten himself into all sorts of trouble at the bi-curious camp, largely because he has no idea what is going on. Finally his father comes and takes him home and says he is ok with Butters being bi-curious, and that he is too.

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