The category is, "People Who Annoy You."

Pat Sajak

With Apologies to Jesse Jackson was the 154th episode of the popular animated series "South Park".

This episode begins with Randy Marsh appearing as a contestant on Wheel of Fortune, he is already at the bonus round when the episode begins. He is given the usual letters of RSTLNE and selects a few more letters. The category is "People who annoy you" and Randy is left staring at the letters "N_GGERS". He is sure he knows the answer, but he is hesitant to say it, finally as his time is almost up he triumphantly cries out "Niggers!".

The real answer was "Naggers", but I did what almost everyone else did when they saw it, I thought "noggers", "nuggers", etc and never even thought of the actual answer.

The rest of the episode deals with three different subplots. The first is Randy Marsh trying to get past his error and his newfound fame as the "nigger guy". The second is Stan trying to smooth things over with his friend Token Black, and the last one is Eric Cartman's continual harassment of a midget.

The episode title comes from a brief scene in which Randy apologizes to Jesse Jackson and Jesse makes Randy kiss his ass, literally.

Overall this is an average episode, with the biggest laughs coming in the first minute, and then later on whenever Cartman and the midget are on screen together.

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