Another name for the penis bone (also commonly called the baculum, Latin for "little rod"), found in all primates, insectivores, and carnivores (with the small exception of homo sapien). this bone is not attached to the rest of the skeletal system (a heterotropic skeletal element).

In many places, penis bones are considered lucky and are used as charms, or are given to girls whom boys have crushes on.

common names for the os penis are:
  • love bone
  • pecker bone
  • coon dong
  • possum prick
  • Texas toothpick
  • mountain man toothpick
Ozark folklore states that the proper way to prepare a penis bone (most often from a racoon) for use as a trinket or gift is to boil the bone clean, and use red thread or string to make a necklace. Voodoo tradition claims that these bones are excellent lucky charms for a gambler. In fact, The Lucky Mojo Curio Company sells them on-line for only $3.50 a piece.

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