"Mi Shalosh Yotze Echad" (One-out-of-three, or, "From-three-goes-out-one"), where "three" is replaced by number of players. Similar to Pair or Single or rock, paper, scissors but used if there are more than 2 players.

One player says "From-three-goes-out-one", while the other players shake their hands (in order to make their decision unexpected, random). Once the player finishes saying "one", they all put out their palms, either looking up or down (simultaneously). Then, those players who put their palms the way the majority did, leave (e.g. if more players put their palms up than down, then those who put theirs up, leave the game). If it's a tie, the round's replayed with same number of players. The game will end once one player remains as a result of the game (e.g. among 4 players, 3 placed their palm up, while 1 placed down - the down one wins), or once the choice is minimized to 2 players (so it can be resumed with Pair or Single or rock, paper, scissors games).

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