A veil of distrust hangs in the air. It has since the wallet was stolen. Theft has been occurring off and on. Suspicions and whispered rumors abound. The disappearances always occurred when SHE was around, a few dollars here and there, a credit card mysteriously vanishes. Now it is the wallet.

The owner did the necessary rushed phone calls to cancel all the cards. In the process discovering that they had already been used in various stores. Thieves work quickly. SHE turned up at work the next day with a brand new outfit, bragging about the present she had just bought her mother after two weeks of crying poverty.

The whispers are getting to me. The nagging doubts of "it could be true" eat away at me. A person is innocent until proven guilty, right? Yet, the "what ifs" stay at the top of my mind. SHE tries to get me to leave to get her something from the break room. (leaving her alone in the room) The thought comes unbidden to me. I don't go. My trust is shaky.

Money was emptied from the bank account attached to one of the cards. "How could this be done?" asked the cardowner when she phones the bank. "You called with your social security number and changed your PIN". Cardowner had NOT done this. She also did not have her SS card in her wallet. However, it is brought to our attention that the boss has our SS numbers on our employee reviews in her desk. The desk where SHE spends a good deal of time during breaks when no one can see her. More unwelcome thoughts. More doubts, more whispers. Is my number there too? NO- STOP-Don't think like this. SHE is innocent - isn't she?

Cardowner calls to see where the cards were last used and goes to the stores. NO ONE bothered to check ID. NO ONE. The store owners describe the person. They remember HER. The pieces fall into place. The sheriff brings pictures of HER along with others to all of the businesses. All parties pick HER out.

Rumours abound about why SHE hasn't come into work today. I don't want to believe it. I want to believe that SHE is innocent. I don't want to accept that someone else I trusted should not have been. I don't like this being on guard feeling, wondering when the next bad thing will happen. I don't want this knot in the pit of my stomach. I don't want any more reasons to distrust, thankyou. I've enough to last me two lifetimes already. I want my security back.

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