"Your innocent trust touches me..."

This message is staying in my msg box! It's all about the attitude. It's about not allowing the crud of the world beat me down. It's about how I can view things in spite of the negativity. A child views the world with fresh eyes and wonder. I want that!

Isn't it a wonder as a new born baby cries
Isn't it a wonder with the sweetness in my eyes
Isn't it a wonder all the crossroads of my life
Isn't it a wonder, isn't it a wonder to me

That isn't to say I am innocent. I have lived too much of life to claim that. I think everyone loses that as he grows. But, if I can hold cynicism at bay...ah, now that's the stuff! Then I can look at things I've seen before but see them with fresh eyes. A new way. "your innocent trust"...tells me I'm heading in the right direction!

Isn't it a wonder that I can see a change in me
but I won't go back 'cause that's behind me
and after all strong words are spoken
my heart will never be, never be, never be....


snippets of song fromboyzone...by request album

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