All I said was coincidence

regarding a book, blue eyes

that already are trouble

plus he writes dark poems

according to an English teacher

who phoned home, concerned.

He said we are who we are

stuff happens-life is strange

that much I do know.

I said he is also a hockey player;

he said sensitive And a hockey-player,

now that is dangerous

I said it's the blue eyes and he replied

hockeyfans with blue eyes who write poetry

oh no (says the pot, in the direction

of the kettle) bad news.

He said some traits we could blame

on Baltimore or Blue Crabs,

I said no need to blame, you made me laugh

to myself, and he said should have

used the word Attribute

I was still laughing because of blue eyes,

dark poems, and the sensitive hockeyfan

but also the image of oh no

a talking pot warning me while

glancing at a kettle, of bad news.

with thanks to e

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