There was some chatter on the site today about pelicans and I recounted to some folks how I had once been attacked by one. In jest, I thought about writing a eulogy of sorts and this was greeted with some degree of enthusiasm by those who were there at the time. Never one to turn down a challenge, here’s what I came up with.

Ode to a pelican

”Twas a fine June morn and the day was born
with nary a cloud in the sky.
the ocean was blue and my intentions were true
to land me a meal I would try

I baited my hook and cast out my line
to try and catch myself a fish
I got me a bite and while it put up a fight
soon I was granted my wish

I landed my prey and put it away
in a bucket that lie at my feet
when from the corner of my eye I thought I did spy
something intent on stealing my treat

Its wings start flapping and its voice began yapping
as it slowly waddled my way.
My eyes began blinking and my brain started thinking
“this creature is after my prey!”

And as it drew near I lost all sense of fear
and grabbed the pelican by the throat
it put up a fight but I held on real tight
and soon that was all she wrote

It lay dead on the dock, as stiff as a rock
and my guilt began to kick in
for though I did kill I felt an odd thrill
for what some consider a sin

I packed up my gear and departed from here
to the place where I reside
But before I did leave I gave it a heave,
and tossed it over the side

Into the water it crashed and made a noise when it splashed
And a smile appeared on my face
And as it did sink in my mind I did think
"take that motherfucker"

I guess you had to be there.

This one is for jaypea.

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