What fuels my bizzare fantasy driven attraction to nuns? Truthfully I do not know.

My Nun : wearing either traditional European habit (all white), or the other kind (black and white) . Young, porcelain skin, black hair etc. Pious, intelligent, devoted. Bisexual, gives fellatio in the confession booths on fridays
Real Nun : An old, vicious hag. A sea hag with a bible. Likes to slap children with rulers. Hangs out with lepers and sick people. Most likley will not give fellatio in the confession booths on friday, unless you are the pope or something.

Now that I think about it, I'm really just obsessed with the nun habit. Just slip yourself into a habit and I'll be your little altar boy and you can be Mother Superior and we can pray together all night long. Now that I think about it, since there is this big anti-christian hubbub going on, mayhaps the Catholic Church could recruit some of us backward heathens by setting up some Nunnery-House of Ill repute gigs like the romans used to have. It worked back then, it would be a smashing success today I bet ya! I can see it now, "Go with god young man, oh and huagalahlgalhg"

I promise this was not a complicated cry for help

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