A group of transsexual Dominican nuns were traveling by bus to Las Vegas. Their bus came to a boiling, lurching stop with a broken hose right outside the Desert Bizarre. These being women (formerly men) of God, they seized on this fortuitous circumstance to rush into the Desert Bizarre to purchase prickly pear jelly and ceramic armadillos to send to their friends and loved ones back home. Some of the nuns who had completed their shopping sat on the curb drinking new and improved Diet Dr. Pepper, which they all agreed wasn't as good as the old kind. From inside the Desert Bizarre, a great shouting went up as one of the nuns was told that because there was a star printed on her register receipt, she would win a prize - a large dead fish. The bus being fixed, the transsexual Dominican nuns reboarded nodding solemnly at each other and thinking that America is, indeed, the land of opportunity.

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