Num-num-num, said Jeanette.

There was a sleepover at Cindy’s. Cindy’s mother was out and Kylie was there, and Jeanette.

Jeanette went first.

She was the youngest, but she was the prettiest. Thomas was there, Cindy’s brother. Thomas was in his room. He wore glasses. He was a little slow, and Thomas was big for his age.

The girls were in the den. There were sleeping bags on the floor. Kylie brought a thermos from home, it was filled with Popov vodka.

They turned the TV up, and the music. They talked about school. A boy who was new in their class. Winston. He was so good-looking. Kylie said, I would kish him. Jeanette said where, and they giggled.

You know where, said Kylie, and Cindy said, I saw my mom do that.

No way, they said, and Cindy said, Yes way. With her boyfriend, the door was open a little. I couldn’t see him. But I saw her, her head went up and down. I heard him moan, and she went num-num-num.

Kylie blinked.

Jeanette said, we have a vishitor.

He was barefoot and stood in the doorway. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Jeanette nodded to Kylie. Kylie took him by the hand. She brought him into the room.

Cindy mouthed please; he was big for his age and a little slow. Jeanette looked at her hard.

Jeanette was the youngest. But she was the prettiest. She said, you’re cute, without your glasses.

Num-num-num, he said.

Jeanette went first.

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