Remember those little talking chicken nuggets in the McDonald's commercials? This little group of scary fucks were called 'nugget buddies'....

I mean, it's kind of scary -- they're not even talking chickens, this I could understand. No. They're these little chunks of reconstituted ground up chicken meat encased in a weird shell of breading and grease, they have eyes, mouths, personalities and they talk to Ronald McDonald.

I don't know about you, but If I was a googley eyed little chicken nugget freak, Ronald Mcdonald would be the LAST person i'd want to talk to. I mean, He's always trying to get everybody to go to McDonald's! Do these little bastards have a death wish? If they do, I don't blame them. Ever wonder what happened to them? I remember they always liked dipping themselves in the 'sauce' -- This is understandable. If I was a little greasy nugget of chicken fat that talked to clowns that weren't funny and big dumb purple freaks, i'd be on the fucking sauce too motherfucker.

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