This nodeshell is brought to you by the number 29:

29% of food consumed in the U.S.A. is dairy produce

29% of all ice-cream sold is vanilla

29% of the United States is owned by the Federal Governement.

29% of Americans find the Christmas holidays more stressful than enjoyable.

29% of deaths due to choking (excluding food) are caused by balloons.

Barbara Bush’s book about her dog was on the bestseller list 29 weeks.

Lucille Ball was on a record 29 TV guide Covers.

The average weight of the human skeleton is 29 pounds.

One year on Saturn is 29 years longer than one year on earth.

The longest word in the Oxford English Dictionary has 29 letters. (Floccipaucinihilipilification), and yeah, I use it everyday in conversation.

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