nostub is a keyword used in TIGCC when programming in for TI calculators. It basically states "this program requires no libraries or includes". When the compiler reads it, it will use only commands found on the TI-OS (operating system for the calculator).
The main advantages and disadvantages of using nostub are written below:

1. nostub gives great versatility - the users do not need to download and install calculator kernels for accessing the various code libraries.
2. nostub means that the program CANNOT access any code libraries. therefore, any commands that are not availible in TI-OS have to be written by the programmmer and included within the binary (compiled program).
3. when using nostub, there is generally a lower chance of the calculator crashing, and losing all its files. this is because there are no 3rd-party commands, only commands that Texas Instruments made.

Generally, calculators with AMS versions of 2.05 and above have no kernels availible, therefore the only programs that they can run are the ones that are compiled with nostub. :)

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