A nose noise is the silly sound that results from pressing the nose of silly person. The exact nature and characteristics of the noise tend to vary from person to person. Nose noises are sometimes generated through flirting, but are more commonly generated for the amusement of everyone around and as a way of being silly.

Be careful when experimenting to see if someone has a nose noise as some people either need lots of personal space, don't like being touched in the face, have a stuff-up nose due to allergies, or are just generally grumpy. Being silly is good. Being annoying is bad.

Noses do resemble buttons, and silly people do have trouble resisting pressing buttons... (Just don't press the big red buttons in machine rooms.)

Many nose noises are echoic or onomatopoeic while others are actions rather than noises. Some example observed sounds and characteristics of various peoples' nose noises include:

  • meep (or sometimes eep) is one of the most common nose noises. Some people will meep in a strong southern accent for further amusement.
  • peem is meep backwards.
  • chitter-chitter is a cute approximation of the noises that Shadows make. And Shadows are cute. Really. Sometimes this is abbreviated as chitter.
  • Some people will simply make random sounds and noises. Some people will repeatedly generate the same sound while others will randomize the sound.
  • Some people have buffered nose noises. In these cases, pressing their noise a few times will have no effect, but after a few times, all of the noises will come out at once, either serially or as one very loud meep.
  • Some nose noises are silly phrases. These have been observed to include everything from poetry to HTTP response codes (eg, "404 Nose Noise Not Found"). Some of the silly phrases are just nonsense phrases.
  • Nose glares are a variant on nose noises where someone will glare back at you after you press their nose. In some cases this is due to the person not liking being touched.
  • Some people's noses appear to have Tourette's syndrome and will occasionally output random swearing amidst other sweet and innocent noises.
  • Sticking out one's tongue is not really a noise but is also a common response.
  • Attempting to bite the finger of the person pressing the nose is also not really a noise, but is another common response. This response is often randomly inserted into a stream of innocent noises.
  • Some people may simply be confused or will say "wait" as they try to come up with a nose noise.

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