Short for no. Easier than nope but slower. Opposite of yeah.

It is a long-refuted chauvinist claim that when women say "No", they really mean "Yes". What women really say when they actually mean "Yes" but are too inhibited to admit it is "Nah", often following a surprising degree of openness. As in:

            Alice: Our sex life is so boring! What I would really like, Frank, is if you tied 
            me up, gagged me and spanked me to exhaustion!
            Bob: Really?
            Alice: Nah ..

Be careful, though, "Nah" is also used in a derogatory fashion, meaning "not a chance", as in:

            Bob: I will be your willing sex slave, mistress! Whatever you command, I will do
            without hesitation!
            Alice (looks into his pants): With a three-inch-tool? Nah .. 

NAH also happens to be the airport code for Naha, Indonesia.

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