There are people in the world, like me, who love kids. We become teachers, volunteer at schools and youth organizations, and make ourselves advocates for children. Then there are people in the world who think they love kids... They become teachers, volunteer at schools and youth organizations and put themselves in positions where children are available to them. They then molest and abuse them.

You know the drill: Most abuse is committed by someone the victim knows and trusts. Offenders use a range of tactics to gain access to their victims. Many offenders are experts in manipulating both the victim and the people who care for him or her. Often a molester will "groom" the young person for months, gaining trust, building up to the actual sex act they hope for.

Below are some signals that may be of concern to parents of children - especially ages 3-16:

   Someone spending a large amount of time with child alone.
   Someone wanting to take child camping or sleep in the same area overnight without a parent around.
   An outside adult driving a wedge between parents and child.
   Child suddenly suffering in school work.
   Roughhousing and tickling between an adult and adolescent.
   Previous victimization of either party.

If abuse has occurred seek immediate medical attention. Indications include:

   Unusual or excessive itching in the genital or anal area
   Torn, stained or bloody underwear (may be observed if the child needs bathroom assistance)
   Injuries to the genital or anal areas, e.g. bruising, swelling or infection
   Venereal disease

Child Molesters (not child lovers or boylovers let us be clear) alone are responsible for what they do. They deserve to be turned in, but more than that, kids deserve to finish their childhood without worrying about people putting the moves on them. Here are some ways to help if you suspect abuse:

   Look in the phone book (usually under social services) for a Child Abuse Hotline
   Call your local police station and tell them you suspect a child is being abused
   Go to a hospital Emergency Room and give all info to a nurse.

Finally, if you are drawn to young people in a physical way, seek help. Call a Doctor, Minister, Priest or Rabbi. Tell your Mom! People are there to listen and help. In the meantime, stay away from children.

Mol`es*ta"tion (?), n. [Cf. F. molestation.]

The act of molesting, or the state of being molested; disturbance; annoyance.


© Webster 1913.

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