What does it mean to be healthy, positive and attracted to young/teen boys?

To be a Boylover.

The boylover is more closely analogous to the zoophile, which positions itself against beastialists (beastiality) much like boylovers position themselves against child molesters. The words seem positive because the communities themselves own the power to their meanings, not the lawyers or clinicians who seek only to exterminate. The term boylover is a legitimization only insofar as it combines increased accuracy and pride in sexuality, as opposed to ignorance and shame. Because they congregate online, boylovers tend to be more conscious of their condition and so more thoughtful in their actions, more relaxed and less likely to take impulsive risks with children than the isolated pedophile. They are also generally more aware of the ethical implications of child pornography. Boylovers aren't perfect, but they are trying - to find harmony with society and themselves.

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