Similar to monofilament but more conducive to everyday uses. Applied in a near liquid state and sprayed onto the target. Almost like spraying on spider web. The filament is then charged with current, assigned a location, and solidified. One of the major innovations of the last 150 years in tunnelling and mining. Manufactured by Goy Kieretsu.

Thin (7-9 nanometer) filaments of actin that are in almost every kind of cell you can think of.

These filaments are polar. They have a + end which is more dynamic(grows and shrinks faster) than the - end. At the end of the + end there is usually an especially dynamic region made up of actin that is bound to a nucleotide-triphosphate (like ATP). The middle and - end are for the most part actin with a bound nucleotide-diphosphate (like ADP). The + end can be determined by "decorating" a filament with Myosin S1 as described in the write-up on Myosin.

Along with the motor proteins that function on them, microfilaments are responsible for much of cell motility.

See also F-actin, intermediate filament, and microtubule.

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