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This is Touby's autobiographical node. I doubt it will offend anyone because most people will never know it exists.
My most recently deleted node.
While it may be true that "You have as many votes as you want.," I often find my self wondering "Why is it that you find the good nodes after you've used all your votes?", and wishing there was a good way to just queue up votes to be spent tomorrow or whenever I will have enough votes. Because I can't visit e2 daily, and I almost always forget come back and vote on nodes seen after I had spent my daily quota. Unfortunately, that means that all those nodes go unrewarded despite their just desserts.

So why not implement vote queueing as an improvement to e2 to allow us to vote on credit. We could even have ideas like vote credit ratings that change with XP. Who knows; this kind of thing could even improve the Voting habits of E2 Users (perhaps as a crutch for those of us with itchy voting fingers and other problems).
If this has already been suggested, or noded, msg me so I can link this node in to help our fellow knowledge omnivores follow the chain of thought (through soft links and hard links).

I got the following response
EdSausage says Good idea about vote queueing. Why did it get deleted?
Why do you think?
I am a lonely, introverted romantic with a few good friends and a wonderful family. I think the best friend I ever had was the dog named Magic that I grew up with. ....BLAH BLAH BLAH There USE TO BE a bunch of personal crap here you don't need to know....

The thought and consciousness that grew out of the cells in my brain, which in turn grew out of eons of evolutionary guidance, is, just in it's flawed and pathetic existence, an awe inspiring in contrast to a universe without them. And just as each of us is a marvel of molecular machinery that has grown out of a sea of simple molecules, that sea is amazing. The oxygen in the air and water, the carbon in the earth, the strange electronic bonds that hold my assemblage of atoms together was all made from hydrogen and helium in the fiery nuclear furnace of stars that have long since exploded or extinguished; their magnificent brilliance snuffed out to spread the atoms that are essential to the even greater brilliance of life. The very matter the gave birth to the stars that gave birth to me was itself once the product of a singularity so brilliant that in a "big bang" it created the matter, energy and rules of nature that make up everything we can comprehend. Sometime later we are simply a complex product of matter, energy, and the laws of the physical universe that have been manipulated by the heavens and lately here on earth to create us. Whether this all happened by chance or in a single fiery stroke of divinity I don't know, but I do know that no matter how little I do, some part of me will probably go on to make something more complex and incredible than myself. For this alone, life is worth living. Perhaps someday, something will be smart enough to look back past the explosion that started everything and see what really made us and whether it be luck or planning. In either case, I'm happy that it happened and that's what matters.

I guess whether I'm a cog in some giant human machine, or I'm writing poetry in the candlelight of love that only exists in my mind, I'm happy just to be. As for those that have burned in the eye of my heart, my mind or my telescope, while they all vanish eventually, they still have meaning and importance, if only as the unknowing craftsmen of a future full of even more complex and beautiful things.

Latest thoughts:
  • ... Wow... who did I piss off? EDB just ate me (for the second time) and then someone deleted one of my nodes... Wish I could see who was doing this... or at least they would tell me why so I can learn. This doesn't seem like the most productive/logical way to go about things.
  • Oh well, maybe I can attone for my arrogance or whatever. I put in a deletion request for several of my nodes.
  • guess that worked. haha I'm Acolyte for a day... the deletion request put me just at the required amount... only tomorrow I'll have 12 more to write to get there. Not gonna happen.