The effect of taking any of the various sedatives on the market. It feels like everything is a million miles away and sleep is just around the corner. The variety of haze varies from drug to drug, depending on the type of chemical which is destroying your senses. The most common type is that which is provided by NyQuil, which just makes everything stop all at once. There are many other types of haze, however, such as that provided by old, over the counter antihistamines. These will make the senses feel very dull and extremely fuzzy, wearing them down to a nub and then causing you to pass out. Hydrocodone (aka vicadin aka lortab) provides an odd, distant feeling which is constant and does not change after the initial onset. This drug is an opiate, but I don't do any drugs other than OTC or prescribed, so I can't say if it is typical of all opiates. The best kind of haze is provided by IV drip in a doctor's office right before general surgery, but the anxiety from surgery often negates any pleasent feeling.

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