I have this friend. We'll call her Lily. There has been a mutual expression of sexual attraction for a while now. Neither of us have any desire to be in a relationship right now, but there has been a long understanding of, "If stuff happens, stuff happens." There has been little besides a minor episode in the parking lot of a local coffee house, but that's okay.

For various reasons, she moved to another city. I drop by her place the day before she moved, in part to help her pack, and in part to give her a little bit of a send off. She has been stressed out, so after I help her pack for a while, I make an offer of a very one-sided (read: benefit entirely in her court, as far as nervous systems go) way in which to calm her down. I get, "Well, I'm like my cat, my moods are very fickle." I quietly accept this, and head off to meet up with the people I was thirty minutes late in getting together with. Now, granted, I seem to be the only one in whose direction she's like her cat. I don't know of her ever having said no to a certain curly haired redneck, or a certain other sawed-off, self-important individual who treats her like crap. I'm willing to accept this when I wind up in conversation with her the day after she has moved to the aforementioned city.

Apparently, her first night in her new apartment, she was dreaming about me as some protector figure she needs to rescue her from the evil of her new apartment. (Don't ask me to explain the weirdness factor of that one, it was her dream, not mine.) This dream had so much of an effect on her, that she apparently spent half the night waking up and looking around her apartment for me.

Do these insane organisms ever make up their minds? Is there any logic here? Maybe instead of offering selfless infliction of pleasure, I should have said, "Hey, have you ever been fucked in an alley before?"

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