Ma"son (?), n. [F. maon, LL. macio, machio, mattio, mactio, marcio, macerio; of uncertain origin.]


One whose occupation is to build with stone or brick; also, one who prepares stone for building purposes.


A member of the fraternity of Freemasons. See Freemason.

Mason bee Zool., any one of numerous species of solitary bees of the genus Osmia. They construct curious nests of hardened mud and sand. -- Mason moth Zool., any moth whose larva constructs an earthen cocoon under the soil. -- Mason shell Zool., a marine univalve shell of the genus Phorus; -- so called because it cements other shells and pebbles upon its own shell; a carrier shell. -- Mason wasp Zool., any wasp that constructs its nest, or brood cells, of hardened mud. The female fills the cells with insects or spiders, paralyzed by a sting, and thus provides food for its larvae


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Ma"son, v. t.

To build stonework or brickwork about, under, in, over, etc.; to construct by masons; -- with a prepositional suffix; as, to mason up a well or terrace; to mason in a kettle or boiler.


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