1. Man cave:
  2. for those who are unfamiliar
  3. with the term: it's a sanctuary
  4. where males can retreat to watch 'The Game'.
  5. This term is sexist and insulting.
  6. It implies that women don't deserve:
  7. a time consuming hobby, a child free zone,
  8. to sit down with the remote and control,
  9. put their feet up, snooze, drink adult beverages,
  10. eat snacks, relax, unwind, let their hair down.
  11. Their place is the kitchen.
  12. Cook, clean, dishes, laundry.
  13. How about the bedroom? 
  14. Sorry honey, not tonight.
  15. No, I don't have a headache.
  16. There are 162 regular games 
  17. in the season and I think
  18. all of them are special.
  19. Netflix and chill?
  20. My bracket is busted and it's still
  21. more attractive than you.
  22. #SorryNotSorry
  23. I've got a hot date 
  24. with Baseball Reference.
  25. Turns out WAR may be good for something
  26. depending on which version you use.
  27. This is dedicated to any woman who has ever
  28. had to suffer through a game where your partner
  29. called the umpires referees just to embarrass you. 
  30. Why do some women love sports? Because they do.
Some examples from popular culture:
JUNO by Diablo Cody

JUNO (halting): Wait a minute. Is that a Les Paul?

Juno is staring into a room with the door slightly ajar. We see GUITARS mounted on the wall, and the edges of posters.

MARK: Oh. That's, uh, my room. Vanessa lets me have a room for all my old stuff.

JUNO: Wow, you get a whole room in your own house? She's got you on a long leash there, Mark.

MARK: Shut up.

What she wanted was, it seems to me, paradoxical; she wanted him to be a man, but at the same time to meet her own standards, and these standards, having been set for herself, were not a man's standards. (...)
The oddest part was Fay's feeling that this house belonged to her and that Charley, her husband, was somebody who came in and sat down in a chair and got the chair dirty. He sweated on the furniture. But again this might not have been her actual attitude, but more a pose; she might simply have wanted to keep the idea current that this was primarily her house, and that in the house her laws functioned. Down underneath she may have recognized perfectly well that without Charley and his money there would have been no house -- but, like the drinking, a particular theory fitted her needs and so she entertained the theory. She let him know that the house was her sphere. . .and what did that leave him? An office down at his factory to work in at night (...)

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