I write poetry when I am struggling
with something I do not understand

when my heart is confused and angry
and makes unreasonable demands

and by the end I hope to find a measure
of understanding, this is true

sad and ironic that you scorn poems
when the most I've written struggle with you

  1. Baseball is a game of failure
  2. I hear people say this daily
  3. Last Friday
  4. I was talking to a guy
  5. About the road to the Final Four
  6. He wants more ESPN
  7. More college hoops
  8. More NHL, NFL, and MLS
  9. At first I'm nodding along
  10. Then I started envisioning
  11. An invisible painting
  12. Hanging before me
  13. A blend of 90% fescue 
  14. With freshly raked dirt
  15. Demarcating the infield 
  16. Suddenly my mouth waters
  17. I can taste popcorn salt
  18. Smell yeasty beer
  19. Hear drunks arguing
  20. While another batter
  21. Gets punched out
  22. Meanwhile I'm thinking
  23. This isn't productive
  24. I'm just sitting there
  25. Growing older
  26. Having spent my money
  27. On a long drive and
  28. Expensive parking
  29. But for a few hours
  30. I've been transported
  31. Transformed, I've escaped
  32. My burdens at work and home
  33. Have accumulated
  34. The ballpark is grimy
  35. Even the new ones
  36. Are gray slabs of concrete
  37. Baseball is a business
  38. Chewing up players
  39. Sucking them dry
  40. A capitalist enterprise
  41. Time is so precious
  42. Why would I waste it 
  43. Contemplating the futility
  44. Of a rainy day at the ballpark
  45. When I could be
  46. Getting ahead in life?
  47. But I have a secret:
  48. I know why
  49. The caged batter
  50. Swings

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