The m100 is the new Palm device, what they are considering their "everypersons palm". As of release the price puts it in direct competition to Handsprings "Visor". It has the following features:

  • Dragonball EZ68328 16 Mhz Processor
  • 4 Megs mask ROM
  • 2 Megs RAM
  • Palm OS 3.5
  • Flip cover
  • Replacable face plates
  • 160 * 160 screen (but smaller pixel size)
  • HotsyncCable (note: completely incompatible with every other Palm.
In addition, it has a couple new apps, the most obvious being the new Clock app, which shows through a little window.

I think it is a piece of junk, it looks like a barbie computer, and the target audience is pretty much non-tech users, and mostly women from what I can gather of the accessories.

But it runs my software, so go out and buy one. :-)

The m100 is aimed at PDA newbies and people who want a fast, easy and userfriendly PDA -- not experienced users. The m100 was my first handheld, and I'm fully satisfied with it. 2 MB RAM might seem inadequate, but with active use of the hotsync function, it's more than enough.

It runs all Palm software add ons so if you need a cheapish, reliable PDA -- give it a try :-)

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