8/22/07 08:05 am

Shake off your moment.

You sit there lauding yourself for your few stardust memories,
dreaming deep of personal hells and cockle shells
and little acquisitions all in a row.
I am your everything, and you don't even know it yet.
Behold me, strange and terrible, a mighty vision come to rise over

your bed.
Confess, you are dizzily in love with the very notion that I exist.
There is nothing quite like this precious epiphany.
Seize the moment! seize it.
. . .like every hope you've ever had. . .
. . .like every dream you've never known. . .
I will fill your every empty yearning.
Your other lovers will pale.
each passing day without me a deeper grave
your thirst for my kiss your only bliss
and that vacant until its culmination.
forget about cold yesterdays...
With sovran power, with beauty's grace,
And magic numbers blest! I tear the veil asunder
and shuddering ghosts obey, trembling at my potent sway.
Think yourself capable of doing any less?

I have a heart prepar'd for thee
you need only bend devoted knees and let me hear your votive sigh.
Singing of sinew and my Love-soaked Bed,
fractured from the sanctity of it, fondling each new moment.
God turn green and envy will be frivolous.
there's beasties aplenty thinking it who have fallen.

Everything goes well with blood!

And we,how many strings to pull!
Where Jesus was the honeymoon, I am the bullet in your solace,
urgent as orgasm, and coeval as ecstasy,
revelation, rapture and voracity in one sweet ordeal.

Find me here, and kneel!

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