February 20th, 2008 11:20am

Console me, 0 festering-with-half-thaw'd-eyes town.
Are you Mother, Mother, Mother?
?em raeh
join - with loud acclaim; for thou art vermin and susceptible to harm.
I should spindle & mutilate eveything in their ensanguin'd altars.
Just keepin it creepy.

O! how you're some sort of wings burning quite bright.
Курт Кобейн -An obituary birthday? There, sell that.
Buy that. Be-lie-ve it...
Appoint one amongst the worthy to infest the system.
A nightmare so painful, they flock around him.
powdered lies and missing trust.
You know I had hopes, ere my faith in words,
intra venous...enter Venus...attractive and hollow.
Low and behold.
Your savior is dizzy and perhaps far too frenetic.
Incomplete in his androgynous perfection.
He has a fetish for reincarnation...
If you want forgiveness, bake me a cake that sucks cock.
delusatory empathy... =_=

So, freedom.
This is whisper'd promise :if I keep pretending, it'll happen ...
the harps of hireling choristers infect the heart of man.
Save me, sweet Judas.
Betray me till yonder turrets are future ruins.
Ill get drunk off shadows and lost in my own lies, thankyewverymuch.

Be nice, being nice. Let's dig another hole.
It is not often that I cry that I need an atrophic channel;
mela nerve damage and waaay too many nashtin cleansing pills.
Multiversal inversion...

quonset huts...GI jokes...the horror outside. Khong hieu...

for god so loved the world...he brought the hammer down on his only begotten son. it's our weekend baby. dance in oceans of chocolate rabbits and rainbows of boiled eggs. these are the gifts of gods to sinners. converts to conversation hearts and marshmellow peeps.

...then there is the plane of the inner biological processes, that's called the pranamayakosha. Then after penetrating these we become conscious of the manomayakosha, the psychic sheath.

egy, kit a szó nevén szólít...

When was the last time you surprised yourself?

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