Love Ewe!
Love Ewe is a hilarious, high quality, life sized, anatomically correct, inflatable sheep with red garters, fishnet stockings, and lipstick.

The ultimate gag gift! Love Ewe is perfect for almost any festive occasion where a funny, embarrassing, or ridiculous gift is needed. We're sure it will be the hit of any bachelor party, birthday, retirement, roast, or fraternity party. We're not so sure about anniversaries (sometimes there's no substitute for flowers and a new washer-dryer).

Click HERE to see a picture of the incredible Love Ewe.

Only $24.95 (plus shipping and handling)
You must be 18 or older to order this product.

This is the Original! Don't accept any imitations. A few cheap knockoffs of our original Love Ewe do pop up from time to time. Don't be fooled! If it is not made by Mutton Bone, it's not the real thing.

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