According their website Lost is the largest online game in the world. In fairness, it is not really an online game. The basic idea is to spead the knowledge of the site in creative ways. All players have a unique url (e.g. which they give to others in an imaginative way. Popular methods include sticking post-its everywhere or writing notes and giving them to random people in the street. Community websites such as forums and Myspace are perfect places for advertising one's url.

There are invitations written everywhere – from beaches in Mexico to train stations in Poland – on the internet and in reality.

Once you have joined, you can win by scoring points. To score points you must invite other people to the game. Each time you invite someone, a timer on your profile resets. If it ever reaches zero, you lose.

When the game reaches 7 million players the player who has survived with the highest score will win $5000, and the top ten $500 each. A prize will also be given to the best photograph of an invitation.

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