Its relatively easy to do and more fun than most people can imagine.

Stuff You Need:
Black Paint

1. Find a room with windows. It should be small and preferably of not much value. Of course, if you're looking to piss off the owner of the room (ie, parents, college, landlord, etc) then you can do this to your living room. Your choice.

2. Here comes the fun (friends will go crazy if you ask them over to help with this. people love it) Paint the walls black. Paint the ceiling black. And then, just when you think its over, paint over the windows.

3. Take a quarter or half dollar and trace around it in the relative middle of whatever window is in the relative middle of the room. It should be opposite a pretty large, uninterrupted wall. Chip the paint off of that circle, or just dont paint that area at all.

4. Voila! If you did it right, you should have a backwards image of whatevers happening outside your window projected onto your wall.

Keep in mind, I've never done this. I've seen my friends do this, and my technology teacher at school actually gave us step by step instructions on how to do it, so I think its pretty reliable.

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