Available in two varieties, regular and cinnamon, Life cereal is a staple of both supermarket dry foods aisles and kitchen cupboards. This Quaker Oats Company franchise gained national fame in the 1980's with a series of commercials featuring soon-to-be pop culture icon and fussy eater Mikey. Although marketed to children, Life forgoes the dulcitude and pizzaz of multicolored marshmallows (a la Lucky Charms) in favor of wholegrain oat goodness. The cereal itself is composed of identical square biscuits, each of which is itself a cross-hatch of baked wholegrain flour. The tiny crevices serve the dual purpose of holding kernels of sugar in the cereal's dry state, and milk in its wet state. The result is that Life is one of those curious cereals that sink in milk.

Also of note, the regular and cinnamon varieties of Life differ much moreso in color than in taste. Whereas regular Life is a consistent light toasted-brown, Cinnamon Life is marred by dark brown speckles. The subtle difference in taste between the two is mocked by the sharp disparity in color.

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