Now I'm telling this story second hand, so details may be a little sketchy but you should get the general gist of the thing. It was recounted to me numerous times by my friend who actually witnessed this weird act. He told it pretty accurately every time so I reckon it's a true story (not that there's much to gain by making this sort of crap up).

Anyway this friend of mine had called at this blokes parents' house (whom I assume were out at the time). Just a social call. They were both on the same computer science course. He hadn’t been there long before the guy wants to show him something. He’s quite excited about it. So the bloke goes to his fridge and retrieves a small tupperware box. He opens it up on the table to reveal 6 or 7 houseflies within. Some of them look dead but others move sluggishly. They have been subdued by the cold of the fridge and lack of oxygen.

Promptly the guy produces a needle and thread and proceeds to gently sew the flies together by piercing their abdomen's one by one. He does it so they are loosely connected by a short length of cotton. Just a couple of inches of slack between each. He lifts them from the box and lays them onto the table. Then he waits.

As they warm back up to room temperature they begin to function like normal flies again. And they do what flies do best. They fly. (duh!).

Apparently the whole thing looked rather strange. A kind of chaotic unity was achieved as the micro-squadron rose a couple of feet off the table and headed towards the window. Obviously the flies couldn't make much of an escape attempt due to their circumstance, so the poor unfortunates were forced to be entertainment until the thing wasn’t amusing anymore.

I personally prefer to just swat the little buggers. But that's just me.

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