The standard weapon of the Imperial Guard in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Manufactured in the billions on Forge Worlds the length and breadth of the galaxy, the humble Lasgun is the weapon that guards humanity from the foul xenos that threaten to destroy it.

Three known worlds of its manufacture are Triplex Phall, Kantrael and Last Reach. Its method of power is by small cell packs around six inches long by three wide and two deep. It is this cell that makes the weapon preferable over other,more powerful weapons. It is reliable beyond the dreams of soldiers, and the power cells can be recharged in any one of several ways.

Left under the rays of the sun it will slowly recharge, but will also recharge when exposed to other sources of light or heat energy. When a rapid charge is required they can be thrown on a fire, but this radically reduces the efficiency of the pack.

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