Cadian Shock Troops

This is a race of the Imperial Guard from the tabletop war game Warhammer 40,000. They come from the planet of Cadia, which is in very close orbit of the Eye of Terror, a gateway into the relm of Chaos, and thus are frequently harassed by the legions of the Chaos Space Marines.

Cadia is an urban/jungle planet, and the elite shock troops usually wear camouflage, though sometimes they will wear other colours depending on the terrain they are on. As with any other Imperial Guard platoon there are two to three squadrons of 10 men, each Squadron has a Sergeant, A heavy Weapon team, a guard equipped with a special weapon and 7 guards with lasguns. There is also the command Squad, in which there are five guardsmen, first there is a Lieutenant, and he commands their platoon. Then you can have up to 2 guards with special weapons, and a heavy weapon squad. If you disgard one of the special weapon guardsmen then you can have a commlink Imperial Guardsman, basically he calls for back up when the shit hits the fan. The command group can also be equipped with grenades if you wish.

In addition to the Command Squad and the three guard squads you can have one auxiliary unit per normal squad, these include tanks, snipers, assassins, ogryns and more like this.

Anyway, I'm sure that there is a lot more that I have forgotten, so I'll do some more later.

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