From Frank Herbert's Dune Chronicles:

A No-Ship is invisible to all electromagnetic spectra as well as to prescient individuals.

Interesting to note that the No-Ships were generally made out of frictionless machinery.

The No-Ships, like No-Chambers were created in response to the occurrence of individuals with very powerful prescient ability like Paul Atriedes and his son Leto II. It is possible that No-Ship technology was developed earlier to hide things from Spacing Guild Navigators. This is less likely because their prescient ability was far more limited than Paul or Leto's and they kept their interference in worldly events behind the scenes.

No-Ships didn't appear until books 5 and 6, even though in book five they find a No-Chamber that dates back to the time of Paul & Leto II.

In book 5 The formidable Mentat Bashar Miles Teg developed the ability to sense No-Ships even at a great distance.

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