In Subspace, the process of attaching your ship to another after the other is already dead; the lag between the server and the two players in question allows you to attach anyway, thereby making it appear as if you appear from out of nowhere.

This technique applied as a strategy can be effective when attacking an enemy base during a capture the flag game, because the enemy will have thought that everyone has been exterminated while you slip in behind them. Newbies often bitch about lag attaching, almost as bad as they bitch about lag, but lag attaching is a strategy that is very useful.

Your time frame for a successful lag attach is between 200 and 400 milliseconds, with average 28.8 modem-to-server delay. (many factors weigh in on this, obviously.)

Lag attaching occurs only by luck, and it is hard to tell whether or not a lag attach will be successful beforehand. Some zones also have rules about lag attaching.

See also: lag, Subspace

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