Kwoon is the Chinese word for a martial arts school. The equivalent to a Japanese dojo. It is run by the Cifu. Cifu is Cantonese for father, or master, because in martial arts, you are family. The Cifu's wife is Simu, Cantonese for mother, or maven.

On a similar note, is a website dedicated to an online kung fu show some martial art students at a kwoon near me are filming. (Pst! They are looking for sponsors.) They have witty mottos like "The Devil Hates Kung Fu" and my personal favorite:

It's like PORNO
But with KUNG FU
Instead of SEX

Their brief summary for what the tv show is about:
"The online kung fu series that chronicles the misadventures of five kung fu students struggling to survive in the rough and tumble environment of Silicon Valley."

You should all watch the shows and marvel at how they use real martial arts styles (hung gar, shaolin, kickboxing, tai chi). They pride themselves in this. In the episode currently under production, they have a guest star, Cung Lee who plays Death. In fact, it became a motto, something about bad acting and good kung fu. If you can't view the episodes on the site, you can email them and they will gladly send you a cd of their episodes.

Thekwoon is infamous for putting its motto stickers in strange places. One example is some girl posted on their message board saying she found their green Devil Hates Kung Fu sticker on a Sprite bottle. She noted it was cleverly camouflaged and so she checked out the website. If you would like to partake in spreading the word about thekwoon, email them and they'll be happy to send you stickers.

In sum, if you are a martial arts movie connoisseur, you should definitely look into this. (There! I noded it. Are you happy now, Todd? :P )

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