"I can read Japanese and Chinese characters but I can't write 'em!"

Very interesting song by the Japanese singer "Disco Man" that expresses exactly how I feel. I can sit down and read the Nihon Keizai Shinbun but when it comes to sitting down and writing, I sometimes can't remember how to write even the simplest kanji and even when I do remember, it is so sloppy that no one can read it!

Luckily, in this wonderful world of modern technology, computers and even my cell phone, I don't have to write so much because they are just so easy to use. And that is the reason why I can't remember how to write kanji because I am out of practice. Also, there are just too many chinese characters to even come close to remembering all those you have ever seen or read.

Lastly, kanji are starting to be used less and less and you can actually use them too much and also be considered too formal. Also, you have to assume that the person reading actually knows the kanji. However, it is a sign of intelligence to be able to write from memory, thus makes your Mom 'n Dad and your boss happy. Also, they won't feel that they wasted all that money they spent on your education.

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