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intelligence vector - A hypothetical phenomenon and physical law, like gravity or field theory, that manifests itself in the physical world as emergence and fractal intelligence. The, as yet unspecified, models, mathematics, relationships and underlying phenomena in the physical world that allows emergence to occur.

The "intelligence vector" acts, in the gestalt, to bring the universe into a state of self awareness through the application of fractal intelligence

Thought Experiment and Game Theory:

Context: Let us start with 4 combat automatons that function in the following manner:
Each automaton has 10 Hit Points
Each automaton can cause 1 Point of Damage per round to one other Automaton
Each automaton chooses another automaton to attack at random, eliminating any "friends" from the list of choices

Experiment 1: No friends
Running a simulation until acquiescence always results in a different Automaton left alive, generally with only 1 or 2 Hit Points left.
Results: No Emergence

Experiment 2: One friend chosen for one automaton at random before simulation begins
Running a simulation until acquiescence results in something very interesting. The automaton chosen as a friend almost always wins, and the one that chose it as a friend is almost always the last to die. The advantage given to the winning automaton is that instead of dealing with an average damage of 3*.3333 (1.0 HP) each round, the automaton now has takes an average of 2*.3333 (.667 HP) per round, while 2 of it's 3 opponents now take an average of .5+2*.3333 (1.1667 HP) per round. The automaton that choose a friend still has the normal average of 1 HP / round of damage taken.
Result: Emergent behavior = We moved from random results to predictable results by forming a simple one-way relationship between 2 of the automatons.

Question: We can analyze this game theory, decompose it mathematically and feel comfortable that we understand what is happening. But do we? Or have we just proven that it conforms to probability theory, just like elections or population breeding cycles?

Assertion: The way that mathematics, action-reaction and physical phenomena work in our universe includes a clever twist. That twist is the intelligence vector. It is just part of the system, part of the math, hidden in the cracks, waiting to be described. It is what makes it possible for me to sit here and contemplate it.

Summary: The fact that emergence can happen at all is an existence proof of the intelligence vector. While we can discuss this subject endlessly, we have a great opportunity to begin to examine it scientifically. Our goal should be to begin to build substantive scientific holoradix around the concept of the intelligence vector.

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