inBOIL was Charley's brother. He used to live at iDEATH with Charley but he grew all sullen and bitter and moved to a dilapidated shack out by the Forgotten Works where he would scrabble in the dirt and make whiskey with the Forgotten Things he found.

I don't know what, if anything, was going on between Margaret and inBOIL. I guess only Margaret and inBOIL know really, except that they're both dead.

inBOIL led the revolution against iDEATH. It was unpleasent. inBOIL wanted to be like the tigers but he wasn't much like the tigers at all, really.

When he died, inBOIL (and his acolytes) were gathered up in wheelbarrows and taken to their delapidated shacks by the Forgotten Works and burned. In death inBOIL was sort of like the tigers because they were also burned when they all died.

Oh, I guess I should mention that all this was in Watermelon Sugar, okay?

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