It's less-trendy, un-African name is Cape Town.

It's the legislative capital of South Africa, (and also the gay capital).

iKapa is arguably the most beautiful city in the world, what with Table Mountain, False Bay, even Table Bay. But more than her physical beauty, iKapa is filled with beautiful people, members of the Rainbow Nation.

Nelson Mandela, or Madiba as he's more affectionately known, was imprisoned in iKapa for the majority of his 27 year stint. iKapa was also the scene of Madiba's release, and his first public speech the same day.

Latterly, iKapa has become the name of the Greater Cape Town Area. When the ANC came into power, they revamped the old apartheid Local Government structures and disaggregated the city into seven substructures.

After a few years it became apparent that the substructure system was not working and Local Governments in South Africa are now being regrouped into unicities. The name of the Cape Town unicity is iKapa.

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