Aaaahhh, Cape Town.

Not only the most beautiful place in the world, but also houses a rainbow of cultures, flavours and sounds. One of the most cosmopolitan, all kinds of people come together here.

Capetonians are laid-back, chill & all-round easy-going compared to the rest of our highly strung, overly sensitive countrymen. But, hey...they're coming 'round to the tolerance we've been embracing as best we could for the past years!!!

Aaaahhh, Cape Town:

The home of Table Mountain, my gentle giant! What beautifull sunsets I watched while toking it up with a friend or three on our mountain. A place where the hassles of the city are easily forgotten, even though you can clearly see where you work...maybe even your office window!

Aaaahhh, Cape Town:

It's not just anywhere that you can see the beauty of nature almost everywhere; from the 'Lost Valley' with it's Blair Witch feel, to Signal Hill from which to view the vastness of our planet, there's not much wrong with Cape Town in my books, but maybe that's 'cos I'm so laid back...maybe I understand and feel the essence of the city of Cape Town.

Come visit & you'll see what I mean...Aaaahhh, Cape Town!

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