Cape on the southern tip of Africa. The South African city of Cape Town is on the Cape Peninsula (which contains this and other capes). So named by King John II of Portugal, according to tradition, after explorer Bartholomeu Dias was supposed to have first called it Cabo Tormentoso - "Cape of Storms".

A Peninsula on the coast of Africa, in the Western Cape province of South Africa. The cape peninsula is the south-western end of Africa. Also occasionally refered to as the Cape of Storms. The area is often just called "The Cape".

Both these names were given by Portugese seafaring explorers, originally Cabo de boa esperance and Cabo tormentoso

Both names were apt: Winter can be stormy, but the cape marks a turning point in the long voyage between Europe and the east. However, the area around Cape Agulhas, the southernmost point, is even more dangerous to ships.

The cape contains the heart of the Cape Town metropolitan area, which has since spilled over onto the cape flats. Cape Town is the capitol of the province (and my home town). The peninsula ends in the the Cape Point nature reserve. Another landmark on the peninsula is Table Mountain.

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