What do you guys do?
We're all about freedom, man! Free Tibet, free Burma, Free Love, you get the picture. We offer a free platform for the exchange of free thought. We host tons of cultural sites like the DocSouth Project, Zen@iBiblio, and North Carolina Raves (all of which can be seen from our collections index). We are also one of the first servers to mirror the original Linux kernel, so you can tell we're big on free software, too.

From the iBiblio FAQ

Formerly known as SunSITE and MetaLab, one of the classic Web archives and a partnership between various University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill departments and corporate partners. Now most prominently it is called "A collaboration of Red Hat Center and UNC-CH." I used to walk past the building that housed the former SunSITE when I was in college, having no idea about the cool stuff that they were doing there.

iBiblio has a remarkable breadth of information; it is a true electronic library of the future with an eclectic reach: one of the seminal open source software archives, special exhibits, music, and the Linux Documentation Project.

Today on the front page I see these featured archives:

This is a good example of what makes iBiblio special. Although some of the glamour of SunSITE's early days is gone -- you can almost find anything on the web now -- IBiblio's still hip because they go out of their way to archive stuff that isn't techno-hip. In a world where you can find 45 sites dedicated to Britney Spears and 20 more to the ThunderCats, it's nice to know that someone's looking out for our culture as well as our pop culture.


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