The Hyperverse is the physical substance of the Universe plus the infinte number of dimensions it contains: The ultimate Everything.

A dimension is anything which can be measured

The 4 dimensions of space-time are the four spatial dimensions (length, width, and depth) plus time. Some physicists theorize there are other spatial dimensions, but dimensionality itself is far more vast.

There are also the fundamental dimensions of

but that's just the beginning.

For any measure that can be made can be made from:

This alone is enough to show there are an infinite number of dimensions.

But there are still more: For any experience or observation is a type of measurement, which has purely phenomenological considerations. We have dimensions of color, volume, and smell, for example, which most people tend to agree upon, but more subjective or socially constructed 'dimensions', like bitchyness or sexyness, aren't measurable in the repeatable sense which physics and science, generally, demand.

Finally, any possible measurement is also subject to some minimum degree of accuracy, which measurement is itself a dimension. Even a completely accurate measure which is actually impossible, by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle still has some value along the dimension of accuracy.

When one speaks of the dimensions of the Universe, the only complete set which ecompasses all of it is the Hyperverse:

  • an infinite number of dimensions
    • measureable from an infinte number of places along those dimensions
      • and each measurement has a level of inaccuracy which can take on an infinite number of values

Since the Universe is the sum of all experience, the Hyperverse is the sum of all possible experiences, and it is the largest infinity there is.

The Hyperverse is not only bigger than you imagine - it's bigger than anyone can imagine. That's why we give it a name, instead.

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