SomeFurry arrives from east.
SomeFurry waves.
AnotherFurry barks, "Hi Somefurry!"
SomeFurry hugs AnotherFurry!
YetanotherFurry hugs SomeFurry!
SomeFurry hugs AnotherFurry!
WWWWolf growls, "Goooooooooooo hugspam!"
WWWWolf growls, "Long live hugspam!"
WWWWolf growls, "Hugspam will never die!"

Hugspam is, as can be seen above, the sort of message flood caused by people greeting and hugging each other (this term is very common in FurryMUCK and other furry MU*s, and also in YiffNet IRC, because furries often like hugs).

Not that there's anything wrong with it. Could be worse. Could be chainsaw massacre-spam. =)

It's just that when a popular furry wanders to a popular place, this thing gets, ahem, voluminous. More people come. People are soooo happy to see each other and people who were discussing about something need to wait.

(The solution is to move actual discussion away from primary social gathering area. West Corner Of the Park is known for a place where people meet, not where great things are discussed.)

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