The houndeye is an alien creature from the Half-Life series of video games, and is one of the more endearing enemies you encounter in them.

Houndeyes are yellow with a beige underbelly. They are approximately three feet tall and wide, with a vaguely conical body. The houndeye has three legs, two in front and one in back. They can best be described as sharing the proportions of a cartoon pitbull. Their most distinctive feature, however, is a large compound eye jutting out if their necks where one would expect the head to be. Stripes of neon blue crystals grow out of their backs, and they have a tiny circular mouth.

Houndeyes are native to the fictional alien world of Xen, and can be found scattered throughout the strange organic landscape. They normaly travel in packs of between three and six, but it is not rare to encounter individuals. Their behaviour is like that of dogs, although not the feirce doberman kind. Houndeyes act more like your aunt's yappy little poodle that keeps chasing it's tail and humping your leg. This does not mean they are passive though.

Houndeyes appear to hate humans, and will go out of their way to attack anyone they see. They do this by running up, charging their back-crystals, and then setting off a sonic blast that hits anything within a short radius with a concentrated wall of sound. This attack is usually pretty ineffective though, as houneyes will be confused when shot. You can't blame them though, since they have no concept of "guns". In their defense, they are extremely effective when attacking unarmed individuals.

If the houndeyes do kill a human, they may guard and consume the remains until there's nothing left, which takes a long time (they have tiny mouths). It is currently unknown what houndeyes eat as prey on Xen, but they could very well be omnivorous. They also have no known predators. In fact, they will even co-exist happily alongside the highly dangerous bullsquid.

The most distinctive aspect of the houndeye is it's bizarre vocalizations. It sounds like a dog's yips and yelps played through a synth. The attack noises are equally amusing, with a good, resonant reverb.

They're so comical with their peppy, can-do attitude that people often feel sorry for the little bastards after they shoot them in the face.

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